The Coven Club was founded out of necessity.

In order to succeed, women must come together - in solidarity and in sisterhood.

The Coven Club offers this opportunity.

The Coven Club is a social enterprise and non-profit organization focused on uniting women and building a community of strong like-minded individuals who empower and inspire each other to create positive change by promoting women’s rights and values. We bring attention to a wide-variety of topics and challenges while promoting and supporting women (as well as allies) to connect, collaborate and succeed. By working within diverse communities and industries we create the social change that we wish to see through hosting events, discussions, meet-ups and more. Creating media content with a strong focus in female-led ventures, entrepreneurship, storytelling and the human experience. 

While building the community of engaged and interested parties - we endeavour to have a physical space where women will gather together, where they can freely exchange ideas and interests, co-work and collaborate. The space will allow us to host our own events as well as of those in the community. 

We strive to help build a future where all women are strong, empowered and unapologetically determined to rise.