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Mary Janes—Women of Cannabis: A documentary screening

Join The Coven Club as we head to check out Mary Janes—Women of Cannabis: A documentary screening.

When: Wednesday, October 24. 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Where: Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre—515 West Hastings Street.

The Georgia Straight presents the first Canadian screening of Mary Janes: Women of Cannabis, a documentary highlighting the role of women in the cannabis liberation movement and future of the industry. Hosted in the beautiful waterfront SFU campus in the Harbour Centre, the documentary shines light on the potential and importance of women-led cannabis businesses. A panel of Canada’s leading weed ladies will kick off the screening.

“Join filmmaker Windy Borman as she explores the movement to end marijuana prohibition, her own relationship to the plant, and the stereotypes surrounding it. Through a series of empowering and educational interviews with a broad diversity of women leading the industry today, Windy’s own assumptions are transformed as she discovers cannabis liberation intersects with the most urgent social justice issues of our time. She learns how this green revolution has big effects on environmental sustainability, ending the War on Drugs and the Prison-Industrial Complex, and the destructive domination of Big Pharma.”

To find out more: Visit the Mary Janes website for more on the film and Eventbrite for tickets.

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Legally Green—The Little Book of Cannabis: Amanda Siebert’s book launch

Join The Coven Club as we attend Legally Green - The Little Book Of Cannabis book launch event

When: Saturday, October 20.

Where: TBA (Mount Pleasant area - Vancouver, BC - address will be emailed to all attendees prior to the event)

October 17 is going to be an exciting day for a few reasons: Cannabis will be legalized, and local Vancouver author Amanda Siebert’s inaugural book, The Little Book of Cannabis: How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life, will be released in bookstores across Canada!

To mark this monumental change in legislation we are combining an end of prohibition celebration with the launch party of The Little Book of Cannabis on Saturday, October 20!

What’s in the works:

• A book signing + reading by Amanda Siebert

• Appearances from experts in the book

• Delectable treats and refreshments

• Door prizes and other surprises

Award-winning journalist Amanda Siebert and Greystone Books invite you to celebrate the launch of her first book - The Little Book of Cannabis: How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life. Hosted by Blum & Grow, there will be door prizes, a meet-and-greet with the author, and a book signing. All ticket proceeds will go to Cannabis Amnesty—a volunteer-led organization working to reduce and expunge minor drug-related convictions now considered legal in the new era of cannabis regulation.

“In this fun, illuminating book, Vancouver-based cannabis journalist Amanda Siebert delves deep into the latest research to separate cannabis fact from fiction, revealing ten evidence-based ways this potent little plant can help make your life better, from improving sleep and managing pain to siding up the bedroom and slowing the aging process. She speaks with some of the world’s top researchers, medical professionals, and consultants, and offers practical advice for enjoying the benefits of cannabis, infusing easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for consumption and dosage.”

To find out more: Visit the official website for more on the book and follow @AmandaSebiert for event details and get your tickets here.

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NO BOUNDARIES - International Women's Day Networking Event

The Coven Club will be guests of honour at RENEWu's NO BOUNDARIES on March 8th, International Women's Day networking event!  Join us to celebrate the power and guidance of the women who take lead in our community and in business. The evening will feature music, cocktails and canapés, and a chance to network with eight influential business women who are making a difference and hold no boundaries in our community. 

Tickets are $15, purchase yours here!

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to Jan 21

RenewU Conference

The Coven Club founders, Zia and Tamu Stolbie will be joining RENEWu conference on January 20th.

They will be moderating a keynote panel on the topic of portrayal of women, as well as hosting a workshop on how to turn your passions into profits.

Join them and turn your dreams into reality.

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